Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Saturn in Scorpio, Saturn in the Eighth House

Saturn in Scorpio or in the Eighth house, by birth or transit, brings up issues around money, sex, inheritance, and attempting to control others. Wherever Saturn is in the chart, is where there are subtle and deep psychological patterns that reflect challenges to be overcome. As we meet these challenges, the fear that motivates Saturn to fight, flee, or try to control all begin to lose their grip on us.
A Pluto ruled Saturn is associated with that which is occult or hidden, even within yourself. Take time to look at your own inner judgments that may be oppressing you, and draw them out to explore them. Find ways to release them. It is here that the “unknown” can arise in your life and you find that through sex, or sharing resources with others—especially money—you are fearful of being controlled, or fearing loss. You may find yourself in a burden of debt, or fearing that others won’t be there to support you emotionally or financially. Buying a house together or investing money with another person or even having to deal with banks, can bring up fears you may not have been aware of before.
What’s happening here? In many ways you’re hoping to find correct ‘boundaries’ between yourself and others, but the fear of abandonment, entrapment, debt, and losing emotional control can be frightful. With Pluto ruling Scorpio and the Eighth house, one could say that the best attitude here is one of surrender and a ‘discerning acceptance’ but this is never easy.
 Saturn feels the expectations of others, wants to be responsible, and yet is quite uncomfortable not feeling secure in knowing how much to give and how much to hold back. Fairness and equality are sought after, but emotional power struggles can still arise from the depths. Messy divorces with financial complications can be an expression of this, and yet the real issue is not money but self-respect, personal power and independence. We may need to learn how to be independent from others without sacrificing our Souls. We need to understand that our bank accounts, our shared resources, and even our fears of emotional intimacy are being acted out here, and that love of Self and Other are more closely entwined than we ever guessed.
Saturn Return Questions: So what to do in the face of this fear? “Love God, and tie your camel” isn’t a bad response. Pluto has also been known as the “God of Wealth” but true wealth is not winning a messy court battle, but being savvy, playing fair, and going deeper…looking at the roots of whatever poverty you may be feeling. It can be good to remember that you have within yourself and within your relationships a wealth that can be truly humble and fair. That generosity of spirit gives a person true wealth.
 With Saturn here, either in the birth chart or by transit, or in the Saturn Returns, we might be wise to learn the difference between being loneliness and solitude. In being alone in solitude we gain self-confidence in ourselves, nurture our Souls and creativity, and learn that we don’t need to conform to the other people’s expectations. We can create proper boundaries, and know when to give and take. We pay our taxes, balance our checkbooks, and remember the depths of our resources. We are greater than the sum of our parts and generosity feeds our hearts more than any money or power could ever do.  ~ Elizabeth Spring  http://www.elizabethspring.com/