Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Saturn in Capricorn, Saturn in Tenth House

With Saturn in its own natural sign and house, there can be a strong desire to be recognized for who you really are, and the good work that you do—for you are one who can handle burdens, take on responsibility, be in charge, and do the job well. Are you getting credit for it? This theme of responsibility and shouldering burdens can echo back to a desire to be recognized and respected by a parent—when you were young, did you have your ‘injustice’ heard and were you seen for who you really were? Nothing is perfect, but for you there may still be the desire to get back from the world what you didn’t get from a significant parent.
Although you are quite willing to work hard and cautiously, sometimes you can be hindered by too much cautious behavior or fear of disapproval…so sometimes you may try to control situations and obey the rules too tightly, and then find yourself revolting against your own behavior! This self-sabotage isn’t all that common, but it’s important for people with Saturn in Capricorn or the 10th house to give themselves credit and self-approval, and not to dismiss their own efforts. You are often better than you realize.
“Who am I in the eyes of the world?” is an important question for you, yet the danger is about becoming too identified with what you do and stuck in your own ways. Who are you trying to please? What limits and boundaries are truly right for you—it’s important for you to judge what is fair and right for you and your beliefs, and not just for other’s expectations or approval.
Saturn in this position shouldn’t be difficult, but it often is. You may be holding standards of excellence that make it almost impossible for you to live up to your own standards. You can be hard on yourself. In fact, you may have taken on burdens of caregiving or doing what “is right” and then find yourself at one of your Saturn Returns saying: “Now what am I going to do when I grow up?” If this is you, don’t despair, as Saturn ripens as it ages, and often fulfillment comes later in life. You know how to depend on your own resources, you are a good organizer, and now you can allow yourself the chance to dream into new and different possibilities.
Saturn Return Questions: Am I still inwardly trying to gain approval from someone other than myself? If the love or approval wasn’t given to you early in life, you can still gain that love and respect through attainment of some ambition or becoming the true author of your own life. Give a “good think” about boundaries and priorities, and make sure that you are playing by your rules and allowing room for Self-love and self-care. You deserve it. ~elizabeth spring
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