Monday, January 23, 2012

What's a Saturn Return?

What's a Saturn Return? Make a Change, make it Real, make it Now.

“When an inner situation is not made
conscious, it happens outside as fate.” C.G. Jung

The "Saturn Returns" at ages twenty-nine and fifty-nine are times of great change and opportunity. And so, they can also be times of crisis. These times are about restructuring our lives, and the biggest mistake you can do now is to do nothing. Make a change, make it Real, and make it Now. Saturnian times can feel melancholy and frustrating, but if we act with this archetypal energy and give it what it wants--which is work and restructuring-- you'll get the reward. Long terms. Saturn rewards in the long term, but the short term feeling of having to change and restructure your life in some way is never easy. But stay with it, and do it one step at a time. That's the way Saturn likes to in a 12 step program....slow and steady, every day and with committment. So hang in there, and you'll find this old goat Saturn to be a friend not a foe.
What do you think of when you hear the words: “Know Thyself” and “Nothing in
Excess”? These were the words inscribed above the sacred oracular temple at Delphi, Greece. One might think that by understanding and trying to live by those wise words one might avoid the great troubles in life.
Perhaps they help. Our understanding of these words changes as we age, but
life often plays some nasty tricks on us in the meantime. Perhaps this is why
folks who understand “just a little” astrology view the coming of the Saturn
Returns, at 29 years old and 59 years old with deep sighs. But then, a little
knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

Saturn is an archetypal symbol for a process that asks us to reinvent ourselves and our ways of living. Not so bad!

However in ancient times, when people have fewer choices, Saturn was seen as the
“old malefic” and its passage was viewed with some suspicion. “Saturnian” times
can feel serious, with occasional bouts of melancholy or delay, but Saturn’s
purpose is to re-structure our lives—not to make us miserable. If we don’t
resist its call to change, restructure and reinvent ourselves, we will reap its
rewards. Saturn transits have a way of slowing us down long enough so that we
take a cold hard look at the realities we’ve built up in our lives and find new
ways to become the true author—the authority—in our life. We are finally having
another chance to become who we really are.

Saturn, in mythology, relates to the harvest, rewarding those who have “worked” for the effort it takes. It brings a good harvest if we’re willing to wait, work and endure.
Saturn, acting as the “stern taskmaster” likes nothing better than asking us to take out the garbage (psychological as well as physical) and to dig into the soil (of our psyche)
before we plant the new seeds (of new intentions/new life). Its passage in our life—especially at these times of the Saturn Returns, is when we have a chance for real change and
life-renewing rewards. How fascinating it is that astrologers today are
beginning to see that it is Saturn, not Jupiter, that is truly the planet of
luck and opportunity!

There are two Saturn Returns that happen to everybody: the first is between the ages of twenty-eight and thirty, and the second, between the ages of fifty-eight and sixty. Basically
the Saturn Return permeates the whole time period. So if you’re around 29 years
old, or 59 years old, you’re in it! And as Saturn makes its rounds in our charts
(and lives) roughly every seven years, it will be particularly strong if it
aspects a major planet in your chart as it returns to its natal position.
(Here’s where you do need to see your chart.)

So, all Saturn transits give us times of renewal, but these two times are
often the strongest. Astrologically speaking, the first Saturn return is when we truly come into our Self, as before age 29 we’ve been more reacting to what we were born into, than acting out of our true Self. And the second Saturn return is when we get a chance again to reinvent our
lives as we move into our wisest Self. Ideally at 29 we would stop doing the
same things as we were doing during our twenties, and do something different.
Reinvent yourself!
And the same is true of the Second Saturn Return at 59--the ways we’ve been living up till now, don’t feel as good as they used to—it’s time to take a different route to re-invent yourself.
Wouldn’t it be ideal if people could “retire” from their work at this point? But even without retiring, we can start being “pregnant” with our new truer Self at this time. The Self that will blossom in our sixties.

So even though our culture sees the age of twenty-one as the time of becoming an adult—it is not so for the astrologically minded--for us it’s twenty-nine. And you may get your Social
Security at sixty-five, but it’s at fifty-nine, at the second Saturn Return,
that your true personal and social security comes up for review.
Saturn Returns can be times of rough passage, or harvest, and they’re usually a bit of both. Check out the new book on Saturn Returns on : "Saturn Returns~The Private Papers of a Reluctant Astrologer" by Elizabeth Spring