Monday, July 18, 2011

Saturn in Gemini, Saturn in Third House

With Saturn in Gemini you are challenged to explore everything that excites your curiosity and to express it! Talk, write, sing, teach, share what you’ve experienced—be a bridge builder for those of us who don’t “know” what you know. You are meant to be a communicator, but ironically you may be underestimating yourself because learning and speaking as a child may not have come easily for you. You may have stuttered or not felt up to the challenges you saw around you in school—perhaps because you were bored and wanted to go quickly beyond the details and uncover the facts and emotional truth.
  Saturn in Gemini is about the mind, and using it—so take what you know and go deeper—put your spin on it. Whether you sing it out, paint it, or write it out, you have the flexibility and willingness to explore all sides to a story. You can handle chaos and you’re wise when you bring all the details together to make thoughtful decisions—joining your intellect with the values of your wisest self.  You are meant to become a “magician” with your mind. You can teach us or fool us, you could be a teller of white lies or a con artist, or you can gather up all the “news” and astound us with the connections and insights you can bring to something the rest of us thought was so simple.
When Saturn transits a sign that’s where you must “get it together” in the qualities of that sign. So here you are called to be expansive and to communicate skillfully. Learn how to raise communication to a new art. At your Saturn Returns, you may have unfinished business with your siblings, the law, your car, short journeys and health wise, it rules the lungs. What still needs to be dealt with? These times of the Saturn Returns call you to take action, deliberately and consciously to heal and finish whatever “business” still is untended to in those areas.
Saturn Return Questions: When Saturn has come around again to its birth place in your chart, at 29 and 59, it’s a good time to take stock of your life. Have you let too many distractions and diversions pulled you away from what you really love? Don’t let Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, sabotage your long range goals…it’s never too late to be who you might have been…and if you’re feeling overworked, consider what Mark Twain once said: “I’d rather wear out than rust out.” Go for it! ~