Saturday, January 13, 2018

At Seventy, Our Saturn Returns Are Behind Us; We begin to Transcend Our Natal Chart

“At Seventy we begin to transcend our Astrological Birth Charts.”  Elizabeth Spring

“At Seventy I am more than ever myself….”  May Sarton
All our lives our astrological birth charts have a strong hold on us. However an interesting thing happens after the second Saturn Return at age 59. Our charts have less of a hold on us as we become the conductor of our own inner orchestra.
We may not even notice this gradual change, but because we know ourselves, and because of something I can only call grace, we gain more free will….and a certain sweetness often enters our lives. “Unbidden grace”.
We listen to the sometimes conflicting voices within and make better choices. We know ourselves more: the inner slippery slopes of Pluto as well as the risks of Jupiterian “too muchness”. We walk with Saturn and do what needs to be done, instead of trying to escape.  It happens gradually of course, and seventy is not set in stone. It could be sixty or even earlier for you….but as an astrologer of 35 years I’ve noticed this happening with my clients and myself.
  As Tracy Marks writes in the November 2017 edition of Mountain Astrologer: “An important principle of depth astrology is that we can transcend the apparent fixity of our charts. We carry our natal charts within us all our lives, but as we develop a center within ourselves and learn to trust our inner guidance, we can be less at the mercy of the stresses indicated by our natal planets….as we make choices that consider our conflicting needs, we become the puppeteer rather than the puppets in our own cosmic drama.”
Perhaps this is grace.  Have you felt the subtle contentment that sneaks up on you at the most ordinary of times?

“I do not understand
the mystery of grace
only that it meets us where we are
and does not leave us
where it found us.”

Anne Lamott